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Good Technology Adds Data Security to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft’s CRM solution marries Good Technology’s secure container and app-level security today. Good Technology, a provider of secure mobility solutions, developed this on the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform.

Destination CRM claims, ” the Good-secured version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides IT with app-level security controls necessary to protect customer and financial data within the Good secure mobile app container, allowing sales teams to use Dynamics CRM securely on corporate-owned or personal iPads.”

This works by keeping contact email links invoke secure email in Good Work and keeping all customer data under IT control and far away from personal email apps.

New CRM Tool Mines Email Interactions

Customer relations are complex. In a bid to simplify them, Bullhorn introduced a new tool called Pulse. Computer World claims,

“Pulse is a new, stand-alone software-as-a-service product that’s designed to give user companies instant insight into the health of their relationships with customers and other contacts. Using a built-in email-tracking system, Pulse automatically mines email communications and analyzes them in real time.”

It goes without saying that the companies who will receive the most benefit from this tool are those who deal with a multitude of customer complaints, queries and comments. It delivers cross-department visibility into who knows who, who has strong relationships and who engages the most with certain organisations.

The great thing about this tool is it doesn’t matter what email system your company uses. Bullhorn’s passive email tracking is integrated with Outlook, Gmail, Office 365 alongside social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Standard Commercial Security Systems

Commercial security is non-negotiable. By deciding to leave your business insecure, you have practically signed your resignation form. Don’t believe me? Imagine this: a very well known businessman has watched his business flourish over the year. Clients are plentiful, competitors struggle to keep up and doubters have been silenced. That is until someone realises he doesn’t even use a password – anyone can (and eventually does) get into his computer and steals all his files.

Leaving your business without proper security is very much like refusing to be a password and being surprised when things go wrong. Don’t be alarmed, there still is time to save your business through use of security systems.

The ChubbWatch Standard Commercial Security System is one of the best options available as far as standard security packages go. This security system is your businesses guard dog – except it never sleeps. By operating 24 hours, 7 days a week, you can be assured your assets, and even more importantly – your information, is protected. Features include:

  • Alarm Panel
  • LED Keypad
  • 2 Flush Mount Piezo internal sirens
  • Chubb Delta external siren
  • 2 PIR sensors
  • 2 Door contact reed switches
  • Backup battery
  • 4 Warning Stickers
  • Installation and Labour

Tablet with Laptop Capabilities Breaks into Business

The problem with laptops is that although they are portable, they are still bulky and awkward to carry. The problem with the laptop’s portable counterpart, the tablet, is that it’s low power with a quickly perishing battery life.

However Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 challenges this tablet stigma. This tablet boasts high-power laptop capabilities compacted into 11.5 by 7.93 inches.

Even the low powered model is nothing to snuff about. It packs an Intel Core i3 central processor unit and 64GB of hard disk storage. This alone has more grunt than most tablets used in businesses! claims, “The Intel Core i5 models, with either 128GB or 256GB of storage, are expected to be the most popular because they are middle-of-the-road workhorses packing more punch than the average user would need on the go.

The jewels in the Surface Pro 3 crown are most definitely the Intel Core i7 models boasting 256GB and 512GB of storage, and will be the choice of those who work with resource hungry photos and graphics more than occasionally.

All run extremely quietly since they are equipped with a water cooling system which keeps the temperature down.”

Gorilla Power 10 Port 60W USB Charging Hub

Charging a lot of devices can be complicated. But with how digitalised business is today, it is necessary. Before you know it, you may find every power socket in use – and a lot of cords.

While we don’t quite have wireless charging yet, we do have a neat little alternative. An Apple mini iPad, iPhone and iPod all require Apples 5W USB power adapter. However the latest version requires a bulkier 12W USB power adapter.

The Gorilla Power 10 Port 60W USB charging hub does away with the need for both of these. According to Waikato Times Business technology,

“It also does away with the equivalent power adapter for Android smartphones and tablet computers and the equivalent in Windows Phone handsets.

The Gorilla Power 10 Port 60W USB Charging Hub is like a multiplug power board but takes 10 USB cables rather than power adapters.”

If you have multiple coworkers all trying to charge their devices at one, this hub is for you.