Gorilla Power 10 Port 60W USB Charging Hub

Charging a lot of devices can be complicated. But with how digitalised business is today, it is necessary. Before you know it, you may find every power socket in use – and a lot of cords.

While we don’t quite have wireless charging yet, we do have a neat little alternative. An Apple mini iPad, iPhone and iPod all require Apples 5W USB power adapter. However the latest version requires a bulkier 12W USB power adapter.

The Gorilla Power 10 Port 60W USB charging hub does away with the need for both of these. According to Waikato Times Business technology,

“It also does away with the equivalent power adapter for Android smartphones and tablet computers and the equivalent in Windows Phone handsets.

The Gorilla Power 10 Port 60W USB Charging Hub is like a multiplug power board but takes 10 USB cables rather than power adapters.”

If you have multiple coworkers all trying to charge their devices at one, this hub is for you.