Chubb Security Website Usability


Chubb Security are New Zealand leading locksmiths and provide mobile locksmith throughout New Zealand.

Let’s see how easy it is for website visitors to use the website.

The website has a nice and clean design.  It has all the information about what services they provide on the home page which is really good for website visitors because they feel they are on the right website.

The website has clear call to action such as business phone number and booking appointments.

Suggestion: There’s not enough spaces between the sentences which makes it not that easy for readers to read quickly.

Apart from them, the website is good.

Here’s the link for the website:


Mid Roofing Website Usability


Mid Roofing are roofing specialists based in Hamilton. They provide professional roofing services throughout Hamilton, Waikato & Auckland.

Let’s take a look at the usability of their website.

The site has good design. Easy to navigate around. The site has good call to action which is clearly visible to users. The site has the business phone number at the top and a contact form right in front of the site visitors.

Let’s take a look at the website from SEO perspective.

  1. The title of the home page does not says what the business does.
  2. There is no H1 tag in the page.
  3. The meta tag is same across all pages of the website.

Google looks at all these points in order to index the website in the search results.

The site is not optimized from SEO perspective and will not rank well in Google search results. That means the website will not generate many leads until this is fixed. However Duoplus will be fixing this for them.

Here’s the link to Mid Roofing website if you want to take a look:

Looking for  Hamilton Roofing  Specialist, Call Mid Roofing today on 0800 643 7663

Jenco Electrical Website Usability

Electrician Auckland

Jenco Electrical are Registered Master Electricians based in Auckland. They provide all kinds of electrical services in Auckland.

Let’s review the usability of their site.

The design of the site is simple and clean.  The site has the business phone number at the top of the page which makes it easy for site visitors to call the business. They have 3 testimonies on the home page which can build trust among website visitors.

From marketing point view, the site does not have a clear call to action which is visible to the site visitor when they are on the website.

The site is built using Joomla CMS which uses an outdated version of Joomla, which is not supported now. And it’s so confusing to make changes to the website using the Joomla Editor.

Now Lets talk about WordPress CMS. The most popular CMS on the web. It’s easy to make changes to the website using the WordPress Editor and the CMS is updated frequently and has a larger community base. So WordPress is far better than Joomla.

Here’s the link to Jenco Website: