Chubb e-store usability

The Chubb e-store

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Chubb’s e-store has good usability.  Navigation is easy as the tab is clearly displayed in a no-nonsense manner. Also products are divided into categories making it easier for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. For example, if a customer was wanting locksmiths in Auckland, they could either use the services tab or the search box. This choice allows visitors to use their most familiar approach.


BBC Website Usability


The BBC is an incredibly well known British broadcasting corporation. As such, it is expected that their website meets up to their high renown status.


The BBC website is chocked full of information and pages. While there is a lot of information to take in, BBC makes a conscious effort to make the site navigational. The top tab categorizes different areas effectively. There is also a search bar with thousands of results right at your fingertips.


The BBC website follows a familiar approach  of other broadcasting company websites. Categories are typically genre’s eg News, Sport, Weather etc.

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They also use an easy to remember URL – . This makes it easier for repeat visitors to find the site again.

Another nice feature is colour schemes relating to each category. News is auburn, Sport is yellow, weather is aqua, iPlayer is pink, TV is black and radio is black. These color schemes are incorporated on the different pages. It would have been more effective if different colours were used for TV and radio.

Overall BBC has met high standards expected of their website.

Tablet with Laptop Capabilities Breaks into Business

The problem with laptops is that although they are portable, they are still bulky and awkward to carry. The problem with the laptop’s portable counterpart, the tablet, is that it’s low power with a quickly perishing battery life.

However Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 challenges this tablet stigma. This tablet boasts high-power laptop capabilities compacted into 11.5 by 7.93 inches.

Even the low powered model is nothing to snuff about. It packs an Intel Core i3 central processor unit and 64GB of hard disk storage. This alone has more grunt than most tablets used in businesses! claims, “The Intel Core i5 models, with either 128GB or 256GB of storage, are expected to be the most popular because they are middle-of-the-road workhorses packing more punch than the average user would need on the go.

The jewels in the Surface Pro 3 crown are most definitely the Intel Core i7 models boasting 256GB and 512GB of storage, and will be the choice of those who work with resource hungry photos and graphics more than occasionally.

All run extremely quietly since they are equipped with a water cooling system which keeps the temperature down.”

Gorilla Power 10 Port 60W USB Charging Hub

Charging a lot of devices can be complicated. But with how digitalised business is today, it is necessary. Before you know it, you may find every power socket in use – and a lot of cords.

While we don’t quite have wireless charging yet, we do have a neat little alternative. An Apple mini iPad, iPhone and iPod all require Apples 5W USB power adapter. However the latest version requires a bulkier 12W USB power adapter.

The Gorilla Power 10 Port 60W USB charging hub does away with the need for both of these. According to Waikato Times Business technology,

“It also does away with the equivalent power adapter for Android smartphones and tablet computers and the equivalent in Windows Phone handsets.

The Gorilla Power 10 Port 60W USB Charging Hub is like a multiplug power board but takes 10 USB cables rather than power adapters.”

If you have multiple coworkers all trying to charge their devices at one, this hub is for you.

Perimeter Systems for Business

Perimeter systems are one of the most safe security systems in existence. Geek Tamin commented on the systems saying,

“Perimeter systems are so secure they are often used for military and commercial purposes… These systems allow you to detect the intruder before they enter the home. They include a chime feature that you can use during the day.”

Of course, that was written from a householder perspective. These systems can also be adopted for commercial purposes. Information is arguably a businesses most important asset. If someone unwarranted gains access into your business, they could access all your secret information.

Perimeter systems are a secure way to keep your business safe. Because they alert you and emergency services before an intruder enters your home, the intruder doesn’t stand a chance at getting your information.

These perimeter security systems are being adopted by Chubb. Chubb also offers a range of alarm systems for businesses.

Spark Stems Off into Internet TV

With the release of it’s new Internet TV service, Spark is seeking out 70,000 lightboxers. These lightboxers or users will be among the first in New Zealand to trial Lightbox.

“It is unclear whether 70,000 lightboxers is a bit optimistic for Spark, a company which previously focused solely on telecommunications. When compared to one of Spark’s main competitors, large long-term competitor Sky, this is even more challenging. Sky is currently in over 865,000 homes around New Zealand. With a multitude of channels to choose from, many New Zealanders may need convincing that Internet TV truly is a better alternative.

However Lightbox still brims with potential. Instead of being stuck watching TV in a single location, lightboxers can watch shows from wherever they please using mobile devices. Furthermore there is no installation costs or extra requirements- just Internet access. Furthermore there are no ads so users pay only for what they want to see. Lightboxers can also watch “primetime TV” at whatever time they deem primetime- they are not restricted by program schedules.”

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Fujitsu Heat Pumps Website Usability

Screen shot 2014-09-24 at 8.00.33 PM

The Fujitsu heat pumps website has proved difficult to navigate and read. The information is very compacted and is set out in three columns causing it to be an eyesore. The side links are formatted to appear like banner advertisements which cause them to be brushed over even though they are just internal links.

The site does have a good load time though. And all links appear to be working. These are the pages only redeeming points; apart from these it is an ineffective page.